Emily Nodland

Professional Information

DegreeAlthough I do not have a degree yet, I am working on my Criminal Justice/Human services degree
Where did you study?Clackamas Community College
How long have you worked in the field of ID/DD?I have worked in the ID/DD field now for 8 years. 
Have you worked in any other interesting/notable positions or fields?I worked as an assistant program director for 6 years at a day center with individuals with Intellectual disabilities.
List any additional pertinent continuing education you have done.Currently in school to further my education in Juvenile  justice. 
What is your philosophy about your work?My philosophy is that there is always room to learn and that mistakes are teaching opportunities, not failures.
Describe a professional moment/event that you are very proud of.Everyday I am proud and feel blessed to have others trusting me with supporting their individuals in tough times. 
Do you have any professional mentors? If so, describe that relationship.Cara and Shanya with Among Friends are my wonderful mentors.
What are some of your favorite things about working for Among Friends?My favorite things about working for Among friends would be, 1. My co-workers and supervisors. They are extremely supported in all aspects of my personal and professional life. 2. The teams I get the privilege to work with on a day to day basis. 

A little fun information to get to know Emily

What do you like to do outside of work? Any hobbies?I love to dance, being outdoors, and watching a good Netflix show! 
Do you have pets? Tell us about them.I have two cats, Chloe who is 14 years old and loves to sleep all day and Tinkerbell, she is almost a year old, and who you might be able to see during meetings, as she likes to sit on my shoulders! 
Describe your living situation.Currently residing in Clackamas County. 
Do you have any children? How old are they? Tell us about them.I have one biological child, and one bonus kid! 
Where are you from originally? What got you to Oregon (or wherever you are right now)?I am originally from Columbia County Oregon. 
What effect did the quarantine have on your personal/work life?The quaratine had huge effects in both personal and work life. I was a social butterfly before the quarantine and drove to work everyday. During the quarantine, I realized that I was really a homebody  and liked to stay home, and now I work from home. 
Where is somewhere you’ve traveled? What are some things you liked about where you went? What was that experience like?My favorite place to travel is Central/Eastern Oregon.
What was your first concert? How old were you?My first concert was Wynonna, I believe I was 10 years old.
What is one of your favorite books, movies, or bands? Why?My favorite books would be any by the Author Collen Hoover. I love country music but also love all other genres. 
Describe one of your favorite meals.My favorite meal would be any soup on a rainy day or a good french dip. 

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