Continuing Education Units 2023

CEUs are currently available for trainings through Among Friends, LLC for: 

  • Oregon Adult Foster Care Providers (includes DD, APD, and Addiction and Mental Health licensed providers)
  • Washington Long-Term Care Workers (includes AFH, Group Home, Supported Living, Companion Home, and Alternative Living Workers) 

Is your area not covered under any of our available CEU options? 

  • We are applying for CEU’s in more areas, so check back with us regularly.
  • Contact us and we’ll work with you to get them approved in your state/region.
  • Some entities offer one-time approval. Ask your accrediting board if this is an option for you!

Following the information about our Sexual Self-Determination Training and Certification Program, our trainings are organized in alphabetical order by title. Click on any training title link to see a detailed description, available formats, and learning objectives.


Certification ProgramPrimary FocusORWA

Sexual Self Determination Training and Certification Program:
Tiers 1 – 3
Tier 1 – Foundations
Tier 2 – Advocacy
Tier 3 – Train-the-Trainer
Sexual Self-Determination; Proactive Supports; Supported Decision Making; Sexual Development; Trauma Informed Care
Listed Below Are All of Our Training Titles and Approved CEU Status:Primary FocusORWA
Are You Forgetting Something?; The Six Core Components of SexualityProactive Supports
Becoming An Askable Ally; 10 Simple Strategies to Start a Conversation About Sex and Sexuality Proactive Supports
Co-Workers and Courtship – Helping Someone Navigating Relationships, Sexuality and Boundaries At Work; Part 1 Working With A Supported PersonRelationships and Boundaries
Co-Workers and Courtship – Helping Someone Navigating Relationships, Sexuality and Boundaries At Work; Part 2 Working With EmployersRelationships and Boundaries
Consent Part I: Define, Practice, and ModelRelationships and Boundaries
Consent Part II: Building a Person’s Capacity to ConsentRelationships and Boundaries
Creating Safer Spaces; Systemic Changes to Better Support and Include Sexual and Gender MinoritiesGender and Sexual Minorities
Designing a Roadmap for Romantic and Sexual RelationshipsRelationships
Digital Desires; Sexuality, Relationships and TechnologySexual Behaviors
Diversity and Inclusion; Supporting Sexual and Gender MinoritiesGender and Sexual Minorities
Exposing Our Truth; Sexuality and DisabilitySelf Advocacy; Sexual Developmentn/an/a
From Ally to Advocate; 20 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Supporting a Person’s Sexual HealthProactive Supports
Intro to Social-Sexual SupportsProactive Supports
It’s Not Just About Saying “No”; Proactive and Person-Centered Sexual SupportsProactive Supports
Let’s Talk About Sex! – For ParentsProactive Supportsn/an/a
Let’s Talk About Sex! – For ProfessionalsProactive Supports
Puberty vs. AdolescenceSexual Development
Relationships and Sexuality Self-Advocate PanelSelf Advocacyn/an/a
Sex and Medicine; The Imperative for Medical and Mental Health Providers to Address Sex and Sexuality, Part 1Medical and Mental Health Providersn/an/a
Sex and Medicine; The Imperative for Medical and Mental Health Providers to Address Sex and Sexuality, Part 2Medical and Mental Health Providersn/an/a 
Sexual Self-Determination and Supported Decision-MakingProactive Supports
Sexual Violence and Trauma Informed CareTrauma Informed Care
The “M” Word; Education & Supports for Self-StimulationSexual Behaviors
They Did What?!? How to Know When Sexual Behaviors are a Serious ProblemSexual Development
Trauma Informed Care – What You Need To KnowTrauma Informed Care
“Why Can’t I Date My Teacher?”; Creating a Framework for Defining Different RelationshipsRelationships and Boundaries

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